Saturday, February 16, 2008

More turkeys into peacocks...

THIS is a Crochet Turkey Talk Afghan
YOU'll make it with teals, blues, purples and greens and end up with
Peacock Afghan

So... Here's a cute turkey coaster set... with some small changes you'll get a peacock coaster set.
Here's a turkey fridgie - PDF
Here's "Tom the Turkey", give him white beak, no waddle, and a tiny tuft on the head, and you'll have Pete the Peacock.
Tom Turkey hotpad... Just make the color changes and give him longer legs and you'll have a peacock.
- long legs like this; Dayna's turkey square

This doesn't work with everything: MIGHT work with these "turkey butts", but won't work with this "turkey door hanger" - because it doesn't look good if a hanging peacock's tail was up and not hanging too... Of course, you can find nice patterns for oblong things, like ties, scarves, bookmarks and runners, and adjust them to be the tail feathers (This would work beautifully - and here's a peacock feather bookmark... a little too much work for the result to my liking, but... These fans booksmarks would be perfect... This wouldn't be bad either... Or this. Can you see what a magnificent peacock tail the different strips of lacy "feathers" crocheted in blues, greens, purples and teals would make?)

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