Friday, February 15, 2008

Peacock fridgie

Thanksgiving turkey applique/pin/fridgie

"But that's TURKEY!" you'll say...
And I'll say: "Yes, THAT is a turkey... but YOU will make it with green, teal and blue, perhaps even variegated yarn; you won't give it wattles, you'll sew on two white strikes by eyes, two black beads as eyes and a bone-colored bead as beak... and THIS is a peacock. You can even sew on beading on the tail, if you like, and a few beads (or threads) as "crown".

No, it's not my idea... I got it from here: "I need sunglasses please!"

Photo stolen from crochetdoilies and manipulated in PSP8
Will be replaced with "real stuff" when I find time to do it... :-(

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